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Messaging Security

Protect your email in the cloud and on-premises

Email is the lifeblood of your organization, but also the point of entry for targeted attacks. The convenience of Office 365, Gmail and the like increases your vulnerability. Protect yourself from even the most advanced attacks with our messaging security platform for cloud-based and on-premises email.

Shroud your email cloud in protection

Mighty threat protection for Office 365, Google Apps, and more
While hosted email is cost-effective and convenient, it’s not secure enough to keep your organization safe. Symantec Email strengthens the built-in security of cloud-based productivity tools such as Office 365 and Google Apps by blocking malware, spam, and targeted attacks with the highest effectiveness and accuracy.

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Block ransomware and spear phishing attacks

Email threats have evolved from simple spam and phishing to highly sophisticated attacks. Traditional email security offers only rudimentary defenses against targeted & advanced attacks. Symantec Advanced Threat Protection for Email stops the most stealthy, persistent attacks with cloud-based sandboxing, machine learning, and deep link evaluation at the time of click to provide the deepest visibility and protection from targeted and advanced attacks.

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