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JUNOS Operating System

JUNOS software is the trusted network operating system driving Juniper Networks leadership in high-performance networking. Juniper aggressively drives JUNOS software innovation through its disciplined development as a single-source network operating system that integrates routing, switching, security and other services.

The JUNOS architecture is a multi-module design with each process running in protected memory. This guards against system crashes and ensures that applications do not corrupt each other

  • Deployed since 1998
  • 10+ Years of innovation and development
  • Serving most demanding customers

JUNOS is a single operating system for ALL Juniper Switches and Routers, preventing unnecessary upgrades for additional features and hardware. This eases management of your IT infrastructure and reduces downtime.

First routing operating system designed specifically for the Internet

  • Runs on ALL Juniper Networks T-series, M-series and J-Series routers
  • Is robust and modular in design
  • Has separate functions for controlling and forwarding packets for maximum stability and reliability
  • Applications run in protected memory
  • User-friendly CLI
  • Modularized Design
  • Modularity - JUNOS modular design provides better resilience and ensures that the new capabilities such as IPv6 can be easily integrated
  • Security - JUNOS software combines intelligent packet processing with superior performance to offer customers an effective IP security toolkit

Download JunoScope IP Service Manager Datasheet


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