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Juniper Application Acceleration WXC series

Product Description

The Juniper Networks® WXC Series Application Acceleration Platforms, members of a larger family of WAN optimization solutions from Juniper Networks, provide distributed enterprises with a cost-effective solution for accelerating mission-critical business applications, as well as voice, video and terminal services, over wide-area networks, maximizing WAN investments and improving application response times for branch office users.

The WXC Series improves application performance over the WAN by recognizing and eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth, and ensuring high application availability at sites with multiple WAN links. On-board hard drives that provide the foundation for the Network Sequence Caching feature enables the WXC Series to store particularly large data patterns over long periods of time, allowing the devices to identify and remove repetitive traffic separated by gigabytes of data or last seen days or even weeks earlier, producing up to a 100-fold increase in effective WAN capacity.

The TCP-, application- and protocol-specific acceleration features help overcome the impacts of latency, dramatically improving response times for remote and branch-office users accessing centralized applications over the WAN. Quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth management tools allow IT to prioritize application traffic, ensuring mission-critical transactions always have sufficient bandwidth while preventing less important applications from consuming an inordinate amount of valuable WAN resources.

juniper wxc


  • Compression and Caching
  • TCP Acceleration
  • SSL Optimization
  • Application- and Protocol-Specific Acceleration
  • Application Control
  • WebView and WX Central Management System software
  • Content Distribution
  • Easy Installation and Configuration


The WXC Series Application Acceleration Platforms coupled with WX Central Management System delivers:

  • Uninterrupted productivity - Accelerates mission-critical applications and rich content by reducing the volume of traffic.
  • Confident interactions and transactions - Accelerates delivery of Web applications by speeding application-specific protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP/S, MAPI, CIFS).
  • Real-time collaboration and communications - Accelerates real-time business-critical applications, such as VoIP, by prioritizing and allocating bandwidth.
  • Quick, secure access to the WAN - Accelerates features for secure applications, such as HTTPS, encrypted Remote Desktop Connections, or CIFS with SMB signing.
  • Proactive network and application traffic management - Provides the network and application visibility to deliver applications exactly as intended, on a consistent basis.
  • Improved operational and cost efficiencies - Increases productivity through application acceleration, improving the bottom line.



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