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Juniper Secure Access Series SSL VPN Appliances



A crisis can happen at any time. Pandemic outbreaks, terrorist attacks, or strikes can result in entire regions or groups of people being isolated for an extended period of time. For most companies this is not acceptable - in some cases detrimental - when employees and contractors don't have access to critical data or resources. Juniper Networks market-leading Secure Access (SA) Series SSL VPN Appliances provide secure remote anytime, anywhere access to users.
When an emergency requires more or all of your users to work remotely, Juniper's ICE (In Case of Emergency) license on the SA Series addresses that sudden peak in remote access demand.

Juniper SSL ICE license on each cluster

•    Increases simultaneous user count to 1000 on SA4000/SA4500 cluster or even more   on the SA6000/SA6500

•    Enables Secure Meeting feature (to enable web-meetings instead of live meetings)

•    Secure Access for all users when office is hard to reach
    –    Snow days, water floods, strikes, other disasters which make the offices difficult to reach       
    –    True emergencies

•    Monitoring tells administrator when to enable ICE

With the actual water flooding, train strikes, upcoming winter season a lot of companies can make advantage by using the Juniper ICE solution to provide in a well determined period of time a full capacity of SSL VPN users on the cluster.

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