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Juniper Virtual Gateway (vGW)

Security and compliance concerns are first-order priorities for virtualized data center and cloud deployments. The vGW Virtual Gateway is a powerful software suite capable of monitoring and protecting virtualized environments while maintaining the highest levels of VM host capacity.

The vGW is a hypervisor-based virtualization security solution that uses technologies like VM Introspection to maintain "X-ray" level knowledge of each virtual machine (VM). From this vantage point, the vGW can monitor the security of each VM and apply protections adaptively as changes to the VM security posture necessitate enforcement and alerting.


Juniper Virtual Gateway


vGW delivers total virtual data center protection and cloud security through:

  • Visibility: vGW has a full view into all applications flowing between VMs, and how they are used. It carries a complete VM and VM group inventory, including virtual network settings, and has deep knowledge of each VM state, including installed applications, operating systems, and patch level, through VM Introspection.
  • Compliance: VM Introspection handles enforcement of corporate and regulatory policies for the presence of required or banned applications . Compliance enforcement assures segregation of duties by use of VM Introspection and policy automation that ensures VMs are assigned to the right trust zones inside the virtual environment. vGW also includes prebuilt compliance assessment based on common industry best practices and leading regulatory standards.
  • Control: A VMsafe-certified, stateful firewall provides access control over all traffic using policies that define which ports, protocols, destination VMs, etc., should be blocked. Further inspection of allowed traffic can be conducted by protocol or application in order to identify intrusion attempts, malformed packets, or the presence of malware.






Stateful virtual firewall Defense-in-depth security with integrated firewall policy for individual VMs
VMsafe implementation Breakthrough performance with 10x the throughput of non-VMSafe virtual firewalls
Granular policies

Guaranteed VM isolation between and within trust levels (e.g., production, QA)

VM Introspection X-ray view of VMs and their installed applications and services
Smart Groups Automated VM security for newly created or replicated VMs
Network monitoring

Visibility and comprehensive auditing of inter-VM communications


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