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Juniper QFabric



The exponential data center demands exponential power, flexibility and control, along with exponential reductions in energy consumption and TCO. QFabric is Juniper’s revolutionary breakthrough in data center networking enabling a quantum leap in each of these areas.

Unlike other solutions called "fabric," QFabric represents a fundamentally new architectural approach — one that not only solves the increasing problems of scale and economics in the data center, but has the potential to enable dramatic new levels of computing for years to come.



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Everything depends on the network — it's allowed our culture to connect and business to expand with unprecedented reach, speed and efficiency. In the last two decades the world has "bet big" on robust data centers — mission-critical networks that are the backbone of communication and commerce for billions of people and trillions in transactions, everyday. We are all the better for it.

But if there's a downside to all of this, ironically, it has to be the data center itself. The demands have reached an exponential rate and are now beyond what the current architectural approach can support by every measure. From exponential demand for processing to exponential security threats to the need for an exponential reduction in OPEX and energy, the data center is now exponential and with it comes the need for a new set of solutions to handle this difficult reality.

QFabric solves these exponential challenges with a major breakthrough in network architecture that will change the very way business gets done.







Service Provider
  • Reduced time to deliver new services and apps
  • High performance across a diverse mix of services
  • Superior OPEX
  • No compromise of application performance
  • Simplicity of operation reduces risk
  • One network capable of delivering any application or service
  • Unmatched ability to scale
  • Opportunities for innovation with an open architecture
  • Extensive automation to accelerate deployment





The QFX3500 switch delivers a high-performance, ultra low latency, feature rich L2 and L3 solution for supporting a wide range of deployment scenarios including traditional and virtualized data centers, high-performance computing, network-attached storage, converged server I/O, and cloud computing. A versatile, compact, high-density 10GbE platform that runs the same Junos OS as other Juniper switches, routers and security platforms, the QFX3500 also delivers a fabric-ready edge solution for the Juniper Networks QFabric architecture.



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