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Juniper MAG Series


Juniper Networks® MAG Series Junos® Pulse Gateways

The challenge for today’s technology leader is to build an infrastructure that provides easy, secure access to the corporate network for all workers— road warriors, telecommuters, mobileworkers, office workers, contractors, guests, partners, etc.— with role-based access while minimizing costs. The Juniper Networks MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways deliver SSL VPN connectivity and network access control (NAC) capabilities in a single, purpose designed gateway. With Junos Pulse integrated within the MAG Series, this unified client and gateway solution addresses enterprise access needs over a breadth of devices for all enterprise sizes, while granting user permissions at high speed and keeping hardware investment costs low.



- A single client, a single gateway

- High compute density, modular chassis design

- Personality switching

- Host Checker

- Identity- and role-based access


MAG2600 Junos Pulse Gateway

 The MAG2600 Junos Pulse Gateway provides SSL VPN and guest access capabilities to small- to medium-sized enterprise customers.




MAG4610 Junos Pulse Gateway

 The MAG4610 Junos Pulse Gateway gives SSL VPN and network access control capabilities to medium- to large-sized enterprise customers.



MAG6610 Junos Pulse Gateway

The MAG6610 Junos Pulse Gateway enables scalable SSL VPN and network access control capabilities for large enterprise customers.



MAG6611 Junos Pulse Gateway

The MAG6611 Junos Pulse Gateway meets the highest SSL VPN and network access needs of large enterprise customers.










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