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Juniper WLAN Sales Guide Juniper Switching Sales Guide

Juniper WLAN Sales Guide

Juniper Switching Sales Guide
Juniper Midrange Routing Solutions Guide Juniper Security Solutions Guide
Juniper Routing Sales Guide Juniper Security Sales Guide
Juniper 10 Reasons to buy Juniper from Westcon  
10 Reasons to buy Juniper from Westcon  


Juniper delivers innovative solutions to suit your specific needs for network security. With these solutions companies can:

  •     Maximize the security of their network with minimized cost
  •     Accelerate applications
  •     Secure remote access solution
  •     Centralized management of disperate components
  •     Routing and Switching           


Juniper has a wide variety of network security solution:

  •     Network Firewalls / IPSec VPN
  •     Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  •     SSL VPN Appliances
  •     Unified Access Control
  •     Integrated Security Gateways


High-Performance Networking for High-Performance Businesses

Juniper Networks high-performance network infrastructure helps businesses create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. With Juniper, businesses can capitalize on opportunities to innovate, grow and strengthen their business and answer the challenge of complicated, legacy networks with high-performance, open, flexible solutions that enable:

  • Consolidation and delivery of services and applications across highly distributed environments to ensure consistent accessibility from anywhere at any time
  • Rapid deployment and scaling of new services and applications to support evolving business demands
  • Protection and recovery of services and applications against business risks and sophisticated threats
  • Operational improvements to help reduce administrative, training, customer care and other costs






Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls

Magic Quadrant for SSL VPNs



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