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Whilst traditional switches incorporate processes that are tightly coupled, those switches can falter during any single process outage. Convergence requires a modular open standards based approach to the network operating system so new functionality can be added in a rapid fashion or processes restarted without impeding network operations.

Extreme XOS

What is it?

ExtremeXOS is a feature-rich modular operating system that provides a common set of features and applications across all Extreme Networks switches.

How does this benefit the IT Manager?

It greatly simplifies network complexity from a support and management perspective and enables carrier grade reliability in enterprise networks. For example new services or applications can be added or removed without taking the switch offline.

What are the Benefits of ExtremeXOS?


•  Grooms traffic for predictable flows
•  Secures users and traffic
•  Adapts to threats and disruptions
•  Promotes network longevity
•  Increases resilience for always-on applications
•  Provides visibility for fast problem resolution
•  Enables integration with best-of-breed technologies
•  Allows modification for personalised operations
•  Provides extensibility for future public network and cloud services


ExtremeXOS has been deployed in production networks for over ten years, making it the only next generation operating system in the industry that can be safely deployed without "early adopter" risks and that spans a complete product line from value edge to core Carrier Ethernet.


High Availability Architecture

•  Reduce network downtime using hitless failover/upgrade and module level software upgrade
•  Prevent system corruption using a memory-protected process model
•  Avoid system reboots using self-healing process recovery


Extensible Functionality

•  Integrate best-of-breed applications to your network with an open, yet secure XML-based Application Programming Interface (API)
•  Integrate Extreme Networks and third party-developed software applications using an open standards-based POSIX interface
•  Extend network functionality and automate management tasks using CLI scripting and Universal Port


Data Centre

•  Provide insight, control and automation for highly virtualised data centres to the network
•  Supports Direct Attach™, which eliminates the virtual switch layer, simplifying the network and improving performance
•  Supports Data Center Bridging Capabilities such as Priority Flow Control (PFC) and Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)

Universal Port Voice-over-IP Provisioning
  1. Administrator defines Universal Port policy for IP phones.
  2. Phone is connected
  3. Phone sends vendor, model, detailed power requirements, etc to switch
  4. Switch automatically configures VLAN, QoS and PoE on the port
  5. Switch pushes VLAN, QoS, call server details, etc to the phone
ExtremeXOS Automatic VOIP Configuration


Juan Carlos Garcia

Account Manager

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